Welcome to the PainCave

A cycling (non)team for Cyclocross, Road, MTB, Triathlons and Commuting

Stella is one of PainCave Cycling's youngest superstars, she's been practicing her remounts and run ups.

Should you ride with PainCave Cycling?

If you are looking for a group for team rides, carpools and LBS discounts...this isn't it.  If you're looking to ride "with" a group of similar cycling misfits, rock a cool kit and have a great team name...this is it.  I will post race reports, pictures, bike build details, etc...

How do you join PainCave Cycling?

There's no six degrees of Kevin Bacon to be a member.  You don't even need to tell me. Just write it down as your team name the next time you register for a race.  If you want to drop me a line, that's great.  We have riders in Washington Sate, Vancouver BC, Ohio, California, Illinois, Wisconsin, Alaska, and the UK.