MFG Kick Off Cross Report Cat 3 35+ 

by Brian Bressler

I shot out of bed while it was still dark.  Drove 1.5 hours to the course.  Hundreds of crazy deprived CXers were everywhere and parking was impossible.  I warmed up on my trainer along the side of the road (where I finally found a place to park) and listened to my adrenaline fueled heart.  Checked tire pressure: 27.5psi in front 28.5psi in the rear. Took a lap on the heals of the previous race, dialed in a couple of the corners and made my way to the start.  With no points for a call up, everyone queued by bib number.  Mine put me in the second to last row.   All 69 riders jumped off the line and surged for 20 seconds before a bottleneck mashed us all together, three riders through at a time at  a walking pace. Once through, it was elbows out and wide open throttle.  The cornering drills and good brakes really paid off as a majority of my passes were made coming into and accelerating out of off-camber corners.   Twice, I came in way to hot on a slow turn, washed out the front end and gave myself some grass rash. The barriers were in the middle of a super tight S-bend where it was faster to run through most of it…again lots of passes through the barriers thanks to good running and mounting drills.  Once I started lapping slower traffic it was total mayhem.  The sprints to the bottleneck sections became even more critical as at least twice I was on the wheel of a nemesis only to end up behind a slower lapped rider going up steep single track. 


My legs felt good and powerful.  I was passed by only one rider and later passed him back. I had enough juice at the end for a mad uphill charge where I spun out my 42x12 and made one last pass at the line.  I came through in 6thplace, 1:31 behind the leader.


I wasn’t as devastated and utterly destroyed as I anticipated.  I left too much on the table.  Next time I’ll have good call-up, I’ll I dig deeper, accelerate harder and put the pain down.  Love it.